Four Steps To Make You More Effective In 2010

If you find yourself in your own way, what do you do?  Repetitious patterns that are not working can be difficult to break.  This is the time of year to refocus and to change course when needed.  There is much opportunity for awareness about yourself and with awareness comes new choices and more opportunity for positive change.  

Here are four steps to take when you know what you are doing isn’t working for you:

•    Take time to assess what you are doing that’s working and what’s not.  This time for self-evaluation is critical because if you are willing to question everything and be totally honest you can see what is not working and where you need help.  This awareness will put a light on what to do next. 
•    Then tune in and explore what you can know from your intuitive/higher knowing self about setting a more successful course.  This inner guidance can right the ship and get your year off to a great start.  Are you willing to give into the higher knowing or will the ego win out?  Try letting go of the rational and instead follow your heart. 
•    Next if you have all the information you need to move forward but find yourself in the way, then the next thing to do is see if there is information out there you can use to make a difference in what you are doing.  Is there for example a website or other resources that have the expertise in your area of interest?  If so then utilize this information for what you need.  For me the site is one that I will visit often in 2010.
•    If all of this doesn’t create the improved results you want then it is time to call in a coach, mentor or counselor for guidance, a fresh perspective, and an objective observer of your process.  (You can get help through my coaching services and there are many in your community and available by phone/who can be just the right fit for you.)  It is smart to ask for help when you need it.

The goals are to step more fully into the flow of life, to express more completely who you are, to experience rewarding success and real abundance, and to realize the love, joy and peace that are available to you in the present moment. 

Protest Letter #16 to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

When you were elected there was great hope in the nation.  Since that time the hope has been shaded by the realities of war, corporate influence, fear driven politics and the anger of those who feel powerless.  This cannot be a fun process from your perspective.  Those of us with compassion have great empathy for your struggles.

The war escalation has been a large disappointment especially because it is such the opposite of hope.  War is the insanity of the human mind in action.  Please come to your senses and take us out of this human misery machine. 

Please find the sanity of the quiet mind in whatever still moments you can find,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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