Power To The People

You probably recognize this theme from the 60’s.  This idea seems even more important today because “we the people” need to take back our government from the money interests that now are running it.  President Obama was elected by “we the people” to usher in real change in America.  After one year it is obvious he cannot do this alone. 

There are many issues we have to tackle as citizens.  The following 11 concerns that need our creative solutions:

1.    Banks are running unchecked making bad financial decisions and then our government bails them out.  This does not help the people only those who own the banks.  Still they are not regulated for the good of us all.  Fees and credit cards are robbing the people. 

2.    Corporate bailouts are not for the working people; they are for the stockholders.  Most people own very few stocks.   The ownership of these corporations is in the hands of a few.   Corporations have more rights today than the people. The people have become the working class for the wealthy. 

3.    Our elected officials in Washington DC are all owned by Corporate America.  They no longer serve the people.  They serve those who pay for their election.  We are the ones that put them in power, now it is their turn to represent our needs.  Election reform is essential so there are zero contributions for influence.

4.    The healthcare industry paid millions to influence the present legislation that will keep us behind all other major democracies as far as health care.  We the people have been sold out no matter what the confused “tea party” people think.  This is highway robbery of the people.

5.    Investment and mortgage firms were bailed out for the benefit of the stockholders, how did “we the people” benefit?  They invested poorly and we paid for their mistakes not the executives.  Many of us are out of work,  when do we get help?

6.    We are in a war in another country, which we cannot win and it is breaking us financially for whose benefit?  This is not for the benefit of the people.  It seems the military/industrial complex benefits significantly.  No more wars.

7.    The Religious Right (actually very wrong) are trying to dictate government policy.  We were not created as a Christian nation but one of religious freedom.  We need to tax every religious organization/church who is involved in politics, lobbying, and attempting to influence our government.

8.    We are running around in fear of Moslem radicals, big government, liberals or whatever so-called evil force the talking heads and media are stirring up in us.  It is all propaganda to make us afraid.  When people are afraid they give up power to those in control.  The spread of misinformation intentionally to create fear is outrageous and unacceptable.

9.    The Federal Reserve is a power force behind those who hold all the financial resources.  It is not federal, it is a private corporation running the money flow and set up to protect the money interests not those of the people.

10.    Our educational system is failing because it is so in need of real reform.   The focus on testing teaches nothing but how to score on tests.  Real education is about learning, critical thinking, creativity, values, questioning, and understanding why the basics matter. 

11.    The corporations and their products are damaging our planet. All the real scientists agree.  We need to quit buying these products and be as green as possible.  Can we get everyone to think beyond profits and consider the generations that will follow us? 

Choose one of more of these issues today and let your voice be heard for the good of us all.

Letter #19 for Peace

Dear President Obama,

Bring us together now as a powerful force for real change in this country as you did for the elections.  We need to end war, bring about real financial reform, offer low cost health care to all, reduce corporate influence in government policy, legislate real election reform, make our education exceptional, protect the people from profit seekers and fear mongers, and save our planet. 

That is a large agenda.  You will need all of us involved who care and have hope.  Please find your way to peace as a start and then slowly we the people will take on the other important agendas and win out over the forces that are run be fear and hate. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact