Inner Practice #6 Seeing For The First Time

It has been a few weeks since I last shared an inner practice with you.  The New Year has started out with a lot of energy and change is definitely in the air.  This technique invites us to look at the world freshly and that is always a very positive thing to do. 
Our eyes when we see things regularly tend to look at objects, places and people more from how we remember them to be.  This habitual viewing keeps us seeing what once was and missing what is.  The old views and the old stories in our head blind us to both the simple and the beautiful that surrounds us.  We have become too mechanical and unconscious in our viewing the world.       
Inner Practice # 6 - This practice invites you to put away your old vision of the world and instead see everything as if it were brand new.  Take a minute now and turn from your computer and look around as if you are seeing the room you are in for the first time.  Notice the details, colors, objects, and your response to them.  If you do this with an openness there will be a "wow" factor about: what you haven't noticed before; a clarity and brightness of colors; and maybe even a surprise about what you noticed about who you are by what you surround yourself with.  If there is no "wow" factor don't be discouraged because with practice you will learn to see things more as they are rather than a memory. 
Make a promise to yourself to view things with open and receptive eyes.  Notice if you even see your partner anymore.  He or she has changed over time; did you miss this transformation?  Your children sometimes change before your eyes if you are watching especially when they are younger.  Your work, your home, the sky, and the morning sunrise can all be seen as if for the first time.  Explore this practice on the weekend and see if you can take in all that is around you with fresh eyes.  There has been more happening than you may have noticed.  
This inner practice gives you direct feedback about how present you are.  If you can only see what was, then you are not present.  You are seeing from habit and conditioning and that means you are blinded by your own stuckness.  If you can see the brightness and vibrancy of those around you then you are present.  If all seems more alive, then you are waking up to the fascinating now.   This practice will make life much more interesting and you might even take a deeper look in the mirror and see somebody you are beginning to real appreciate.

Peace Letter #26

Dear President Obama,

Looks like you have a battle with the Supreme Court on your hands.  As you know this should be an impartial panel not the very right leaning group we have.  You have another challenge for an already too busy plate.   We want to be a force for positive change so call on us.

Please know, as I write you most every day, that you have my support and many others.  I however very much wish you would remove us from participating in the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq.   Have the military build schools, wells, hospitals and ways to feed themselves.  Please no more killing; haven’t we done enough?

Peace, wisdom and strength to you,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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