Placing Your Mind In The Back Seat

Sunday we went to a Bark Park Birthday Party.  My wife’s friend Debbie’s dog was having a birthday.  The dog park is at 8000 feet and the temperature was a blowing 30 degrees with a chill factor that seemed close to zero.  After 50 minutes and Pax tired from running around with all his new dog friends, we made our way to the car and defrosted from the cold on an hour drive home.  People are amazingly adaptable and this cold little party was fun in its own unique way.  A receptive mind was needed in this case and it is the kind of mind needed to get the most out of life.  Thankfully I am home warm now sitting in front of my computer.  

My mind has been struggling with the idea of not being the part of me that makes all the decisions.  This year I have made a commitment to always pay attention to my intuitive/higher self knowing and do my best to place the busy mind in the back seat.  The ego-mind wants to be in the drivers seat and it too often is because most people think their thoughts are in charge.   

If your mind is running the show, it is time to change course.  The ego run mind controls us usually from the fear mode focusing us on how we messed up in the past or what we should be worried about in the future.   This directive force called the rational mind often is run by habit, the need to be right, and the determination to act in control.  Thinking is slippery ground because of the ego.  Take a few minutes and review your decision-making, the decisions made with the ego’s agenda most likely fall short of what you wanted.  If you were honest with yourself you would see that most ego driven decisions have led to some kind of suffering in your life.

The other directive source within us in quiet and has no particular agenda than to help
you navigate the ever-changing ways of life.  This guidance system is locked into the present moment.  It never has an agenda to look good or be in control.  Instead this quiet guiding force simply informs us with inner messages about the best course of action or inaction.  The wisdom connected to this guidance comes not from the mind but from a knowing, a consciousness that exist in our Higher Self/Spirit that is not bound by habit or fear.

Take time this week to explore and expand your intuition.  Simple exercises can be fun: like when the phone rings guess who it is before your answer; tune in and ask what your heart feels about a decision you are considering; take a moment or two of silence and listen in for guidance about something you want to make happen; listen to what you know beyond your thoughts about others, situation and opportunities. As you listen and explore you will find that you are always guided if you are open to hear the wise messages.  Have an insightful week.

Peace Letter #28

Dear President Obama,

Please ignore the insanity of any messages from Bin Laden.  We cannot let a small band of ego driven fear mongers dictate world policy.  I suspect he is the last person you wanted to hear from.  The Bush administration used him as a poster child for sabotaging American democracy through mistaken action including the Patriot Act, spying on Americans, going to war, torture, secret prisons and much more.

We voted you into office because we wanted real change not fear driven misguided action.  Your task ahead to right the ship of state is massive.  Please consider removing us from war rather than growing our participation.  Also know we are behind you.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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