Thoughts Shape Your Experience of Life

Another day, another bunch of stuff to do, clients to see, dinner to make and a walk to take.  I enjoy my life and most times it feels a joy to live.  Sometimes my joy is even expanded by the people I help and the writing I do.  Other times my joy is less because I cross paths with people who are struggling, worrying, and/or in fear.  Two people I work with have been affected by cancer one directly because he has been told he has a very difficult cancer and he may not make it.  The other has a sick brother and he is feeling the concerns and weight of knowing that. 

Both conversations have passed through my thoughts the fear of being ill and yet that fear has been more of an awareness that these two situation could have been me.  I did not carry the cancer thoughts with me for long.  I have to admit that I don't like to carry those kinds of fear because I have another fear that my thoughts are powerful and can create disease within me.  These same powerful thoughts could also create or have created ongoing health for me.  By my track record, I would say my thoughts are good at creating health so I decided I need to trust that and not go with the thoughts of fear.

I want to emphasis that our thoughts are powerful creators in our life.  I know for many this will be a reminder, myself included.  Reminders are usually very valuable.  If we think healthy thoughts we have a much greater chance of being healthy.  If we think unhealthy thoughts we will most likely manifest disease and illness.  That same is true of thoughts about our work, our finances, our relationships and our experience of life.  If I focus on what I don't like about my work, my work experience will be negative.  If I focus my thoughts on what I love about my work, I will love being at work.  If I worry about my finances I create anxiety.  If I trust in the increasing flow of money, I open to that fun experience.  If I focus on what I enjoy and love about my relationships they will continue to be sources of happiness and love.  Our experience of life is colored everyday by what we think about these experiences.  To me it just makes sense to think in a positive and hopeful way about my life.

Here are some questions to help clarify you way of seeing the world:

Do you focus on what you like and appreciate about your work, your co-workers, your finances, your relationships and your life? 

Do you primarily look at what is wrong, who is a problem, how come you are in the situation you are in and other less than uplifting situations in your life?

Do you often feel disappointed in yourself and those in your life?

Do you wake up optimistic and hopeful or negative and ready to complain?

Do you take action when you know you need to or do you second-guess yourself?

Do you trust your intuition and your heart to guide you or is your ego in charge of your life?

Do you appreciate the little things, the moments of beauty, times of inspiration and other experiences that happen in the moment?

What you put the attention of your thoughts on will expand.  Thoughts on what is right and good will make life feel right and good.