Politics, Social Issues, Thoughts And Emotions, What Do We Do?

Yesterday I wrote about watching all that goes on in the mind and this morning as I was doing my review of what is happening in the world (via the Web) I found my mind getting full of thoughts and feelings being stirred up.  The mind is the source of fire and the emotions are the flames.  I find when I read about what is going on that I am not ok with all the injustices, the greed, the crazy and uninformed political ideas and more and it is difficult for me to not become very caught up in what is going on and feel upset about it. 

I however don’t want to become run by my thoughts and emotions as so many are out there as the elections near.  Instead I am doing my best to just watch what is arising in me.  By watching my thoughts I can regulate them and by sensing my emotions I can be respectful of them but keep from fanning the flame of intensity.   Being mindful allows me to make choices about my thoughts and resulting emotions. 

There are at least four situations on my radar today that seem really worth thinking about and recognizing the feelings that get stirred.   I can do my best to keep from getting into a whirlwind of reactions but frankly some of these situations are in need of passionate responses. 

The foreclosure mess by mortgage companies is greed in full action.  There are many people who through there own unclear thinking have fallen prey to the greed that runs these businesses.  Now the heartless companies are taking 2 million homes from families in foreclosure.  Is this acceptable to you because to me it feels wrong, it lack compassion, and is all about greed.  Yes the people involved have to take responsibility for the mess they are in and we need to find a better way to fix this mess than take away their homes.  I watch my thoughts about this and feel my feelings but decide not to allow my thoughts to ramp me up emotionally.  If I change my thoughts I can change my emotional state.  You can also.

The US Chamber of Commerce is paying out millions of dollars to influence this upcoming election.  This organization is a huge supporter of unchecked capitalism and the right wing agenda.  They will not disclose where their money is coming from even though there are rumors about foreign funds being used to influence our elections.  If these unregulated funds are allowed to happen then we are shaping a shadow government run by money we don’t know where it comes from.  This is a battle for democracy holding the Chamber responsible.  This leads to a shadow government because those running the influence show are not known.  It is only a hunch, but I highly suspect it is right, this is about returning the power to unchecked capitalism no matter what the cost is to the rest of us because those run by greed, ego and power always want more.  I can feel the heat inside flame up and I have to step back and not fuel the negative reactivity.

The Tea Party is made up of lots of older people like myself except we have some different views.  They don’t seem to care about the future of our nation, they don’t support public education, they don’t support government, they don’t support taxes (yet many are on social security and medicare) and maybe it is because they don’t care about the future after they die?   I think the future matters, so does education, so does government, and taxes are essential.  After I am gone, I hope for a better world not the greed and power driven world we live in.  Yes I do have strong feelings about what is right and wrong but the blame has to be on us because we are the ones that need to clear our thoughts and be less run by emotions like anger, hate and fear. We are the ones we are looking for to lead us to better times but this must be done mindfully.

Lastly, the election is getting near and the idea that the Tea Party might gain some power is of concern because they are more about irrationality, blame, fear, and anger then about what is good for us all.  If people vote for Tea Party candidates they can only do so because they are run by their faulty thinking and highly charged emotions.  The Tea Party has no clear plan to make America better it just has anger. You and I must not get caught up in what is wrong but get active in fidning solutions, which can only be discovered with a clear mind and supportive emotions.

Please remember our thoughts are not real, they are just thoughts. Tea Party people and the charge of emotions running through them are caused by their thoughts, which need to be more closely examined.  It is past time for a deeper, more compassionate review of what is going on.

I too am disappointed with what is going on in Washington DC.  I too know there needs to be changes but these changes have to be thoughtful, mindful, compassionate, conscious, and from a place of clear awareness not from our crazy thoughts of the mind or their highly charged emotions.    

As I write this I am aware of not wanting to place blame on anyone, we are all imperfect and we are all trying to make the best of what is.  The truth is there are real problems and the solutions are within us if we are able to step aside from our old, incorrect thoughts and beliefs and not allow ourselves to be run by our emotions.