Notes To The World, Part 8.5 – You Can Shop Till You Drop

Our paper was full of advertising, so too are the airways and shopping time is here.  I have focused this series on the higher realms of human possibility but today I wanted to focus on a place we may have lost our way but could have fun doing it.  First I have to admit, I love to shop especially for good sales so I am not writing this from a place of being above the shopping frenzy.  Having nice things and giving nice things to others feels good.

We Americans are shoppers and that is because we have so much to choose from and live in such abundance that we keep thinking spending is what we should do.  Abundance and spending are generally good things and helpful to a sluggish economy.  Spending beyond our limits is not so good and spending to feel better may not be so good.  Shopping because it is fun and because we like cool things can be enjoyable.  Giving as a Christmas practice is a tradition most of us have been raised with and this time of year it just seems like spending money is a mindset past on from families and society.  Do we spend and give because we feel we should or because we care?

If we step back and examine what we are up to then we may see something about our behavior and ourselves.  We may see that we love giving and receiving which would be a positive awareness.  We may notice that we do what we do because we always have or feel like we are suppose to.  This insight may invite us to examine our behavior to see if we want to continue.  If we continue we might notice the quality of our giving is more authentic and from the heart.  If we look at what we do and make changes, these changes might enrich our experience. 

I have a client that feels bad because he is broke and is worried about not being able to buy gifts for his kids this Christmas.  I suspect they are just glad to have the family back together after both parents came apart from using drugs.  Love and a stable and healthy home to me is the best gift they can give their three children.  Anything else would be a bonus. 

Today the goods will fly off the shelf.  Some people will get to stores as early as 4am for better deals.  Someone told me about a store where people get in line for a few days before the sales begins.  This early in line stuff seems over the top to me but maybe these fellow human beings enjoy giving to the people they love and feel the inconvenience is worth it.   Maybe it is their way of showing love for others? 

The point here is that we humans can be habit driven and unconsciously do what we think we should and that is not innately bad.  However if we were to examine what we are up to we might gain some valuable insight into how we can raise the quality of what we are doing and how we are giving. 

So shop to your hearts delight but take a minute at least to be conscious of what you are doing so you can bring more awareness into your life. 

Two additional thoughts: Desire can be a really positive thing because it is a calling us to a higher expression. Also When you are out buying remember to shop locally and support the small businesses in your community.