Keep Growing To Feel Positive About Life

If we are not active in our growth then life will not feel right.  Sometimes our growth rate is on a steep incline, sometimes like rolling hills or even flat for a while but we cannot afford to let it swing downward for much time at all because we begin to not feel ok.   Abraham Maslow, a psychologist who studied people who were mentally and emotionally healthy, discovered that people feel better about life and themselves if they are growing as human beings

Growth is a life long journey and it can come in many forms:

•    Work often provides us with opportunities for growth through the challenges of what we do and the relationships we form.  We can learn how to do our work more effectively through our experiences.  We can learn to communicate with others who view the world very differently. 
•    Having a family is another way to grow.  With a spouse and children there will be many opportunities to see yourself in relationship to those you love.  You can quickly learn what you do well and what areas of improvement would make you a better parent or partner.
•    Life transitions are big learning opportunities.  When we lose or find a job, retire, get a promotion, have to relocate, get divorced, have a family member die, come into a large sum of money or many other important events much gets stirred up inside.  Again we have an opportunity to see ourselves.  We can witness our heart being broken or see new energy fill us with purpose.  Life is always inviting us to grow.
•    Many life experiences help us grow.  As we move through life we can either keep our hearts and minds open or closed.  If we close down learning becomes harder and sometimes the lessons can be abrupt.  If we remain open the lessons come in the form of awareness.  With awareness we see who we are and make more informed choices about where we are going and have the opportunity to live with more meaning.
•    Going in search of growth can come through seminars, reading, exploring blogs like this one, learning martial arts, practicing meditation, going back to schools, attending adult education classes, exploring a personal interest that keeps calling you, finding a mentor or coach, embarking on a new career, learn a new language, and an endless number of other possibilities.

Growth feels natural and inspires us.  Set time aside each week to pursue learning, awareness and new directions.  The extra-super-plus is the growth is often fun and energizing because it makes us feel alive. 

Peace Letter #51

Dear President Obama,

Your days must be unbelievable busy.  I sure hope you take some time to be with your family and your friends.  There is so much pressure on you that you have to take good care of yourself. 

Speaking of health your healthcare plan lacks boldness without a public option.  The wars we are in are not doing us any good and programs like my work in mental health and addictions recovery are suffering because of a lack of funding. Please put an end to the wars and focus on what is going on here at home. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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