When Stressed, Time To Chill

Today was one intense day at work with so many changes going on, stress over morale, and people calling crying on the phone as their mental health issues are causing them such unrest and anxiety.  Due to budget issues my services are going to be transferred to another part of our program for a while and I look forward to the changes and feel sad about the program that has been put on hold.   I need a great walk tonight after I finish writing this post to sort things out and calm my mind. 

Working with those who are suffering is so draining sometimes that I leave spent.  Moving outdoors by walking, running, riding my bike or hiking re-energizes me.  What works for you when you feel stressed out? 

Signs that you are stressed:
•    You are eating to sooth your unsettled state
•    You feel restless and find it hard to fall asleep
•    You feel impatient towards those you love
•    You feel irritable often
•    You are low in energy or often tired
•    You lack motivation
•    You feel stuck or out of balance
•    You isolate and avoid others
•    You drink too much to cope
•    You feel closed down in your heart
•    You feel rigid in your thinking
•    You feel your emotions near the surface and you push them away

If any of these fit for you, it is time to chill.  Over the next couple of weeks I will share with you ways to chill and not get shrill. 

Today’s chill pill is a 5-Count Breath.  It goes like this:

Breathe in slowly to the count of 5 hold your breath to the count of 2 then slowly exhale to the count of 5 and hold for 2.  Do this for 10 cycles and then if it feels good and time permits you can do 10 more cycles. 

Now you are relaxed and ready for whatever life presents. 

Inner peace begins in the quiet space between the breaths.