Reading And Silence For Inspiration

My mind continues to spin with activity lately.  There is so much I want to read about, learn and use to help the journey of my clients and you the readers.  I got this really interesting little book as a birthday gift called, The Evolutionary Guidebook, Follow Your Heart, Be your Power by E Smith and B Gotwald two local writers.  Even though I just began reading this book I am already excited.  There is a site with this book which is available for more information.

Reading is one of my favorite sources for inspiration.  Silence is another favorite source.  So too is the intuitive that seems to flow more the more I am open to being guided.  This book and the other two I recently mentioned came to me to inspire me and to lift me up.  How do I know that?  The biggest confirmation that these books were presented to me for a purpose is that they fill me with the energy and expand my consciousness and add to my tool box of understanding necessary to help others at a more inspired level. 

Now I am off to the Apple Store for a tutor session about my Macbook.  This traveling computer is a great inspiration because I can be mobile now and soak in the ideas and energy of new places for writing and contemplation. 

Have you had an opportunity to try the walking meditation?  If so what questions do you have?  If not take some time in the next day or so to give you, your body, heart, mind and spirit a ride into the altered state of being in the present.  Mindful practice like this is so quiet and simple but much more powerful than you can imagine. 

Sitting at the Mac Store I am now awaiting my class and being as fully mindful as I can be.  I am aware of the noise and activity, the excitement about learning as my body feels energized.  I hurried to get here and now I am early.  It is so difficult at times to slow down, to just be in moment, to enjoy the richness of life as it is presented to me in the present.  I don’t need to hurry to what is next or keep searching because so much of what I want to find is here and now. 

The One to One class at the Apple store was fun and I learned some really handy things I can do.  Now I am excited to go try these things out.  Again the call to do, but the being is more important. 

Today is payday at work yeah and yahoo!  Be present for the real gift of living.


Peace Letter #71

Dear President Obama,

Do you ever get anytime to slow down?  Have you ever been taught any mindful practices?  These practices would be very valuable to you.  I teach them to my clients and their lives get better and they find their way to some peace inside. 

I work everyday to help others find at least moments peace of mind and a more positive sense of self.  This work is about spreading peace.  Please do all you can to spread peace in the world.  Thank you.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: