Expanding Our Capacities

I work for my county’s Public Health department and yesterday we had over 160 staff members come together from our various departments and spend the day talking about our mission and plans for the future.  We also had a motivational speaker named Chet Sisk who works with the homeless by teaching them a life skills course, which includes quantum physics.  Instead of talking about finding a home or work he believes their lives will remain the same unless they expand their capacities. 

This idea of expanded capacities is what I base my treatment program on and like Chet, I see very positive results when we help people break their cycles by expanding what they think is possible.  This expanded possibility is in each of us; it can be called awareness, consciousness, having an open mind, and is about moving beyond habits and old ideas and more. 

When anyone gets stuck and seems unable to move forward it is often because our mind is limiting us.  It is now time to expand our capacity.  For the homeless and addicts if they can’t imagine a better life for themselves than they will not be able to change.  For the ordinary Joes like myself, when we get stuck it is because we are deep into a groove of habit or spinning in a rat wheel of old stinking thinking.  If we are not growing and expanding our capacity, we are flat lining and soon to be headed downward into the numbness of dull brain and protected heart. 

 So what should we do to keep expanding our capacity and inviting that in those around us?  The following 10 ways are ones I know to be very helpful in keeping our growth ongoing:

  1. Keep learning new things, pay attention to where your interests are and follow them.  There always seems to be guidance waiting when you are open to learning.
  2. Find out where the energy of inspiration flows for you.  Is it reading books and articles, watching videos, listening to music or podcasts, having conversations with friends?  Go with what makes you feel alive.
  3. Get together with a group of peers and form a study group; that way you can learn from the interests and passions of others.   Book clubs can be inspirational this way.
  4. Seek out the guidance of others who have something to offer that can raise your insights or motivate your growth.
  5. Attend conferences, workshops, presentations, or retreats that would be uplifting to you.
  6. Take some time each day to involve yourself in self-inquiry, contemplation or other expansive practices.  Silence is so powerful because there is much to be explored and understood within each of us.
  7. Allow your creative impulses to take you on a journey of self-expression.  The more you express yourself the more you expand your capacity.  You need to be you.
  8. Venture out often from the comfort zone of your life, explore new places and cultures, volunteer, break old habits, make new friends, discuss with those who have different viewpoints.
  9. When stuck go in search of guidance from a teacher, mentor, or coach; this is someone who can invite and encourage a fuller expression of you.
  10. Find your connection to your Higher Power, Spirit, or Divine Source and request to be guided while being committed to listening carefully to the direction that will come your way.

These are what work best for myself and others.  What would you add to this list?  There is no better day to give some of these a try than today.


Peace Letter #79

Dear President Obama,

It may be time to question the military experts because they only see ways to wage war not ways to find peace.  They are blinded by the ego’s need for control. 

We the people are not benefiting from this war in any way because this is not about keeping us safe.  This is about our old imperialistic ways.  Please move to bring peace to where we now cause war. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact