Expanding Capacities Part 6 - Pacing and Accessing Abilities


There are times to shift and times to relax and recover.  This seems clear to me as a therapist watching the journey of people trying to make sense of their lives, understand their stuck places, and discover ways to a more dynamic realization of who they are.  Growth is powerful, energizing and can drain a person as we spend our inner resources on the bumping ride of awakening. 

Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply rest, to take a break from the hectic fast forward and instead have a seat, read a good book, watch a funny moving, listening to uplifting music or ideas, go for a walk, take a nap or find a way to slow down enough to get some sleep.  Life goes by so fast that it is absolutely necessary to step out of the chaos regularly and find what is possible away from the insanity of the non-stop doing.

Getting to our own expanding frontier of possibilities is often about the go of action and the no of slowing down.  There is always more to explore but never enough quiet time.

The following are innate abilities that need to be accessed to help not get overwhelmed by the trials and triumphs of living at the edge:


  • The ability to think at a higher level than the ego-mind means you can liberate yourself from your own limits of thoughts and beliefs.
  • The ability to feel what you feel will guide you toward what is right for you and away from what is not going to work.
  • The ability to intuit or know beyond ordinary knowing means you have come to trust the greater knowing within.
  • The ability to take charge and responsibility for your life takes you to a higher level of realness and empowers your own creation of reality. 
  • The ability to be present to what is going on means you realize the now is the only real place and the true power place to be.
  • The ability to take risks and move beyond the familiar breaks old habits and ways and brings excitement and energy.
  • The ability to enjoy what you are do or how you are being allows for happiness along the way even when the muck get deep you can image a day at the spa.
  • The ability to observe yourself and receive feedback from others will keep the realization of your potential expanding.
  • The ability to move into action when needed is necessary to taking your life up the next step in your personal and passionate expression.
  • The ability to relax, renew and recharge will get you back into the game of life faster when challenges arise.
  • The ability to explore beyond what is ordinary for you, pushing yourself out of the comfort zone, will take your experience of life into new and more expanded realities.
  • The ability to seek growth by self-inquiry and awareness will make life an endless lesson of self-realization and keep it all vibrant with the beauty of self-discovery. 

Which abilities are you wanting to develop at this stage in the exploration of who you can become?

Peace Letter #87

Dear President Obama,

Your plate is full with the oil mess, greed driven corporations, immigration issues, a nomination for the Supreme Court and the foaming anger and fear generated by talking heads of the rabid Right.  How do you ever find time to settle enough to sleep?  You are doing a very good job so far.

I would with respect ask that we move our nation away from war soon so we can get back on our feet economically and feel the benefits of peace.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact