The Golden Path To Expanded Capacities is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply being present to your unending thoughts, your ongoing self-talk, your peaks and valleys of emotions, your quietly available intuitions, your expansive and caring heart, your vibrant body and your timeless higher nature.  Mindfulness is not religious but it can be deeply spiritual.  Mindfulness is loving yourself without judgment or expectation.  If you are interested in expanding your capacities for consciousness, awareness, self-respect, compassion, peace of mind, abundance, career success, loving relationships, or whatever seems important then what is most called for is to be mindful.

In a wonderful book, Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hahn writes about mindfulness in everyday life.  If you want to be inspired this book is special gem, which can teach you much about how to live in the world mindfully.  Every page is ripe with the opportunity for a bright light of insight to shine within you.

Mindfulness can be sitting in a shopping center, on the bus or anywhere, eating junk or healthy foods, walking to work, under a blooming tree or as the sun leaves the day behind.   Mindfulness is an invitation to be present to all that is in the now; so present that neither good nor bad is assigned but appreciation is felt deeply.  Mindfulness has no agenda except to watch what is going on within. 

Today make a commitment to yourself to explore the gentle practice of mindfulness.  This practice can be for a few minutes off and on throughout the day or when you first wake up, at your lunch break as you eat tuned in, as you walk from the bus to your home, waiting in line at the market or train station, or as you wind down your day.  This time of being present to yourself and all that goes on inside will open you to who you are a what you are capable of becoming.  You will be pleasantly surprised when you get a glimpse of what is possible within you.

When I figure out how to do a podcast with my new computer I will guide you through a mindfulness session.  You can also go looking in your community because there is a good change you can find a teacher of mindfulness you could connect with.  Until then let you intuitive nature show you the way to living mindfully.