Economics Tells Us We Need To Expand

Recently I came upon some interesting statistic about the economics of our times.  Economic is about numbers and numbers often cause my eyes to fog over but these numbers do not because they paint a picture about a real need for change and we are the ones that will make it happen.  

Please have a look at these stats and see if the social change agent in you can blossom into joining others to make a real difference.

World Daily News: Information Clearing House

This stirred up a number of questions I wanted to ask. Here are a few:

How come some many of us live pay check to pay check and find it difficult to get ahead?

Have you had a significant raise in income over the last 5 years?

How come the profits are soaring for executives in corporations but most workers stay at or near the same low wages?  Some have even lost pensions and benefits.

Are you better off financially than 10 years ago?

Are you a member of a union and is that union working well to advocate for your needs?

So how do we expand financial abundance for everyone?   It certainly seems there is plenty to go around but most people are struggling to pay for the essentials. 

It seem there are two things we need to do. 

First we need to join together and let our elected officials know that the rich are getting richer and we are not and that must change. We need to do put together a plan that fairly taxes the wealthy and distributes the resources for the good of all.

Secondly it is time to exhance our own capacities for abundance by expanding our sense of self.  We must believe we deserve to be prosperous.  We must also feel inside that we are enough just as we are to have the life we desire.  Time to leave the old limits behind.  Self-love and prosperity go together very well.  Remember each day we are expanding into our highest expression.


Peace Letter #94

Dear President Obama,

Thank You for telling Rush Limbaugh that he can go play with himself when he asked through representatives to play golf with you.  He spreads hate and misinformation as if he has no sense of higher values.  Many people actually have their mental health messed up because they live in the fear and hate he spreads.

Time also to remove our forces from Afghanistan.  We do not belong there.  This war is causing our nation great hardship.  Please focus on building peace.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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