Great Spirit Resides In You And I

It’s Sunday and it can be a day for thoughts about Spirit.  The Great Spirit is within all of us.  Yes that means you too.  In all cultures there are a variety of religious beliefs.  These beliefs vary in many ways but they all invite us to think of or make contact with a Greater Source than you and I.  Thank God we are not the force that holds together the universe because that would be too much for us.  This Divine Force is not sitting on a thrown somewhere up in the sky because it is not in human form nor does it want to be worshipped, that is a human idea driven by the ego. 

Take the time to go looking beyond the limiting beliefs of religion and find your own way to the Creative Source of the universe.  You know better than any preacher/teacher what this Source is for you.  Religion is more about structure and beliefs systems then about the divine reality of your own true nature.  Quiet contemplation in nature, in a room in your home, even in an empty church is where you will discover and deepen your relationship with the God of your discovery. 

Please commit to taking time each day to connect with your more expanded nature, feel the joy of the infinite within you, expand your heart and open your mind to how amazing you are.  You are amazing in so many ways because your true nature is Divine.  Between Sundays try this experiment, image each day that you open more fully to the Divine Source within.  See in your mind’s eye this holy relationship expanding so that you are filled with peace, love, light and the energy of healing.  Let this healing light and love fill you and fill all those you come in contact with.  Soon you will be a messenger of light and healing for the Divine.  

When enough of us realize and express our higher nature, this light will transform the planet and all humanity.  This Light within you and I is needed today for the good of all of the Earth.