How Do You Expand Your Awareness?

It is very hot here and I sure wish we had air conditioning.  Sleeping can he a challenge because it is so warm.  My daily inspiration for this blog comes from a variety of sources.  I found my inspiration from the writings of Thich Nhat Hahn for today's title of, "How Do we Expand Our Awareness?" 

Awareness is about being conscious and awake to who you are and the circumstances of your life.  In awareness you see, feel, sense, and hear what is going on in the moment.  Awareness is only possible in the now where all of your experiences take place.  You can be aware of something that took place in the past or something you hope for in the future but those awarenesses can only happen in the present.  If you are aware of yourself and your world, you can move to create the life you want and desire.

Here are ten clear pathways to awareness:

  1. Be present – awareness, as stated above, can only happen by being present to the experience of the moment.  There is only right now.
  2. Be mindful – awareness comes from being mindful of what is going on in your thoughts, your heart, your emotions, your body and your more expansive nature.
  3. Be awake – awareness comes from waking up to your life beyond the past experiences and limiting thinking.  The Buddha awakened and changed the world.
  4. Be open – awareness is only possible with an open mind free of the clogging nature of limited beliefs, stale ideas, rigid viewpoints and the ego that can never be satisfied.
  5. Be quiet – awareness happens when you quiet down.  A busy mind is too noisy to encourage insight.  In the silence of your own knowing exist great wisdom.
  6. Be in your body – awareness comes through respecting your body’s wisdom.  Your body’s is your feeling center, which tells you if you are heading on course of off towards happiness or fear.
  7. Be conscious – awareness is about expanding our human consciousness.  This higher consciousness comes about by exploring and expanding your capacities toward self-realization.
  8. Be your feelings – awareness comes from feeling what you feel because they are indicators of your inner state of mind.  Turn towards difficult feelings and they will be transformed through awareness.
  9. Be with your thinking – awareness is to know the ups and downs and the ins and outs of your thoughts and self-talk because they shape your experience of the world.  Your thinking can set you free.
  10. Be your higher nature – awareness is sublime when you realize your spiritual nature is available to you and wants to be expressed in your daily living.  Touch your spirit in awareness to soar in life.

Most likely if you stop by this blog very often you have read and explored most of these ideas at times.  Have you ever committed to a deep exploration of any of these pathways? 

Awareness is a pure joy; take yourself deeper.