In Times Of Change, Let Your Light Shine

We are now into July 2010 and life just keeps on changing.  Today is the beginning of four days off for me.  I actually would prefer the whole summer off but have not figured how to do that yet.  Yesterday was my first day of being in charge at work since my boss left the day before.

Off course it wasn’t long before some issues came up that left me not sure what to do.  The first was after a break in our 8a.m. meeting (my first running of the all-staff meeting) when one of the workers felt he was being attacked by a co-worker.  Later another wanted to talk to me in private about a special consideration she wanted now that I was in charge (really now that my boss was gone).

Then someone from a treatment program wanted the county I work for to pay for treatment for one of our clients who is seeking treatment in another county.  The someone wanted me to certify their client as unfit due to his alcoholism so they can get him into alternative housing, and several issues I had never come upon before and would not have today if my boss was still here.  My boss was a great guy, so I will miss him a lot in more ways than I yet know.

The point of this is that life just keeps on changing.  I was asking the universe for some new challenges so I got a boatload on my first day.  Challenges equal growth to me because when you and I are force out of our comfort zone into new experiences we have to grow to meet the new needs.  Learning to me has always been an important part of my life.  If I am learning, I am feeling positive about my life. 

My boss’s life had changed.  My life has changed.  The other people at this job will be changed by this.  And if we have the goal to learn and grow from this we will all be better off.   Moving into new experiences is almost always enriching even when we may at first resist it.  There is no use resisting change because it like to trying to push a stream in the opposite direction.  This push against changes usually never works because all things change and are transformed by time. 

These times invite us to flow, to learn, to grow, to be more conscious, to have an open mind, to be compassionate towards ourselves and those in our lives, and to be more of what is possible within us.  Are you up to the task?  Of course you are because you were born to live in this time of change and to express your unique gifts for the benefit of humanity.  Let your light and love shine and the world will be a better place.