Do No Harm

Lately I have been wondering how so much harm has been done for so many rationalized reasons (Gulf, Afghanistan, etc.)  War to me is the biggest rationalization of harming and killing others all because of the human ego's need for control.  The list of environmental harm done by companies for profit would be too long to record.  Still harm is rationalized daily at some level by someone who claims to have higher values through their religion, their belief system, their sense of judgment over others etc. How could doing harm to another or the planet be rationalized by someone who actually has an open heart?

Could it be that harm at a global level begins inside of unhealthy people who do themselves harm in the form of inner judgment and harsh self-criticism?  Denial of emotions is another form of harming oneself.  There are also many who abuse their bodies despite knowing what is healthy and what is destructive. 

If self-harm is a strong enough force inside, it would make sense that this self-harm could get spread to harming others.  What kind of person would make it ok inside to harm another?  It would have to be someone who is not ok inside.  We all, at sometime or another, have said or acted in harmful ways.   Human nature is less than perfect but it seems by sometime in our adulthood we could be more conscious and aware of our words and actions.  Another way of viewing harm is to be aware that most harmful words or actions really are self-directed but misfired.

Harm such as war, environmental abuse, greed directed action, abuse of any living thing, ego driven need to control etc. are part of our world yet we may be able to do something about it.  Choose with purpose some organization that is trying to prevent or remedy harm and give of your time, energy, ideas or funds to help break the cycle of harm.  Be kind with your self-talk.  Reach out to others with compassion.  Invite those who are blinded by their actions and words to turn towards more awareness.  Harming self, others or the planet does not every feel ok inside so forgiveness and kindness may be called for to help set a healthier and happier course.

First of all do no harm; then see what good you can do.

PS.  As I read this post I keep thinking about the news and wondering when will higher consciousness be raised enough so that we quit doing all the destructive things we do to each other.  The profit motive has become the guiding force for so many in DC and around the globe, that I feel greatly concerned about the welfare of us who care and attempt to live simply and do no harm.