Transform Your Life

Over at Huffington Post Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington are joining together to assist people to better their lives during these difficult times in a program called: A Chance to Break Through: How You Can Use Crises to Transform Your Life.  This is a positive program/strategy using the web, this progressive site and the wisdom and energy of Tony Robbins.  Check this out, you will find the ideas helpful. 

This got me thinking about the power of us all acknowledging what is going on and deciding to work inwardly and together to make a difference.  These times are not for timid or passive people; they will be left behind by those who are willing to assess the situation, set a plan, and take action.  There is no room for following like sheep those who claim to know because most likely they know less than you do about your own life, what you need, and what your unique contribution will be.  If you don't know what you want and what is right for you than how can you expect to get your needs met.  Time to tune in and pay attention to where the inner rushing currents of energy are trying to direct you towards your destiny.  

Now is the time to turn towards your fears, restlessness, and uncertainty and find your own way.  If the weight of the times is overwhelming, look for support and join with others, search for new ideas, and leave the past behind.  At the same time go towards what stretches you past the familiar, what pushes you towards the realization of your capacities.  The world needs you at your healthiest and energized best.

Make a commitment today:

To be more,

Question more,

Listen more.

Stretch more

Have more compassion

Simplify more,

Take more action,

Be more mindful,

Smile more

Open your mind more,

Have a more giving heart

Express your higher nature more.  

Seek out the light that wants to shine through you only in the way you can.  The universe will jump into action in support of your highest expression.