Fireworks Fizzle When You Limit You

Today I am off work because of the holiday yesterday.  Fireworks were kind of a bust last night since nature had it’s own fireworks going on as the lightening, thunder and rain filled the sky.  The temperature dropped 20 degrees in the last few hours before the scheduled pyrotechnics.  It was a good evening to spend inside and relax.  Life throws curves at you and I and how we handle those curves defines the quality of our human experience.

What curves have you been thrown lately? 

Where have things gotten off track for you?

What disappoints have you experienced recently?

How has your thoughts shaped your experiences when things are not working well?

How much has your ego determined your reactions to your challenges?

Where have you judged yourself harshly and does that really help you be a better person?

What old ways keep popping up and limiting you going forward in a successful way?

Are you too often run by the struggle of your own mind and emotions?

Where is anger restricting happiness in your life?

What from your past limits you today?

What keeps you from being more present in your life?

What is the more disruptive force within you?

Where are you blocked from learning what you need to learn?

What habits and behaviors are getting in your way?

What limiting beliefs are stopping your forward movement?

How do you limit your connection to others?

Where are you choosing to remain unaware of something about yourself that is a block to having the life you want?

What fears are closing you down?

Where is your heart blocked?

What actions do you need to take that you are stopping yourself from doing?

What kind of planning works for you to move toward greater success?

As you look at these questions and search for the answers that fit for you would you try this experiment?  As go through each question and write down your answers please do so with a sense of compassion and kindness toward self.  Put aside any self-judgment also known as the inner critic.  Then with the desire to be a more aware and conscious human being, seek to understand and free yourself from any limiting ways that you have acquired over a lifetime of living. 

These limiting ways are not good nor bad they are just learned thoughts patterns that can be changed immediately with the light of insight. 

Turn the light on of your intuition, your loving heart, your body knowing, and your spirit and remove with kindness any self imposed limitations.  Patiently one by one you can lift the load of the old ways and lighten up the present moment to all that is possible within you.  This is a journey well worth taking.