Finding Harmony With Yourself

As have been stated here in the past, the biggest distractions to the life we want are most often within ourselves.  That doesn’t mean there is innately something about us that gets in the way.  We in our essence are so much more than the limits that we have acquired through the endless, well meaning but limiting suggestions we receive growing up human. 

Any disharmony that resides within us is primarily made up of mixed up thoughts and beliefs, wounded moments of the heart and the body scars of a life full of push and pride.   There are often many disruptions caused by failed hopes and the disappointments of expectations.  Yet none of these really have to matter if we sort them out and head off in a healthier direction.

The following are steps to finding harmony with you:

Use the idea about slowing down by sitting suggested in yesterday’s blog post.

Develop impartiality so you can watch yourself free of the harshly judging mind.

Acquire the skills of mindfulness in daily living and so much will go easier.

Open to the kindness of compassion for self, you deserve the caring of your own heart.

Living in the jewel of moment with the past left behind and the future just a good plan away.

Find where the flow of life is for you and enter into it with the effortless of the downstream.

Listen carefully to and always follow the guidance of your intuition so your experiences can be rich with meaning and filled with happiness.

Look for ways to build healthy relationships with all those that matter to you.

Take good care of your body, quiet your mind and keep open in the heart for your well-being.

Turn your mind into motivating, encouraging and inspiring tool that creates endless positive results.

Find the way to your quiet and wise center, from there you can move with balance and strength.

Look up and around you and appreciate the beauty of your fellow humans, their creations and the wonders of the natural world. 

Each day deepen your relationship with your spirit this connection will make your life soar.

Each of one of these steps have the capacity to transform your life.  Choice at least one to explore for the next few months and by the end of the summer your view of your life and the world will be bright with possibilities.