A Shot In The Dark

The sun was setting and soon it would be too dark to continue but golf can be a hard thing to give up even if it is getting hard to see where the ball is going.  Golf is one of the ways I de-stress and sometimes I play until dark after work.  Last night, while playing with three others foolish enough to continue even though it was dark, I hit a ball into the cup I could not see from about 80-90 yards away.  The only reason we knew it went in was because one of the guys checked the hole hoping his had gone in.  Instead he found my ball.  I got handshakes from the three I was playing with who appreciated my luck with me.  Our disappointment was that we all had wished we had seen the ball go in.

Life can be like that sometimes.  We make amazing things happen, we get lucky, or surprise comes our way and we get to celebrate even if we don't know how it happened.  I wonder how many amazing things have happened in our lives that we didn't see, we took a shot in the dark and it had positive results.  In my work I have taken lots of shots in the dark with people and their minds hoping a question or idea might turn the light on or awaken some aspect that needed to be understood or realized. 

Sometimes I hear from people that something I had said, or an idea I had shared took hold inside and changed their lives.  These moments are one of the reasons I do my work, to help people make the changes they need to enrich their lives.   It is my great joy that I get to cross paths regularly with people I have helped.

What ideas have you planted in your own mind that have affected you profoundly.  If you are a parent you are a seed planted from the beginning of your child’s life.  If you teach you know you take make shots in the dark hoping they will set into your students way of seeing the world.  Your co-workers are also recipients of you ideas, your thoughts and your insights and they too can be positively inspired.

The point here is that you never know what ideas, what acts of kindness, what words of wisdom and hope you spread will have a profound affect on those you are around.  Maybe its best to assume that your connection to others on a deeper level is more than you might think or be aware of?  Making that assumption means your heart and your words are powerful tools to encourage the best in others and a better world for all.

Have a good weekend and may the conscious being that you are spread your light wherever you go.