No More BS In The Name Of God

The one thing about the wedding on Saturday my wife and I attended that I found disturbing was the words of the minister.   This guy kept on saying that people were slaves of God and that a woman was to obey her husband.  As I listen to both of these statements, I wanted to jump up and say this is such BS. 

These ideas are so clearly lacking in any higher consciousness and so full of the agenda of whoever wrote them.  I can’t help but think, “come on people lets look at these ideas and see where they might have come from; let’s use our thinking and gain some understanding here. “  The slave idea has to come from a rationalization of one of the darkest times in our history of this nation.  Whoever God is God is not a slave owner, slave driver nor would He or She want us to think of ourselves as slaves.  How come people listen to ministers who are obviously so unconscious?

The idea of the men being the boss and the women and they are to obey is a very ancient male agenda that has nothing at all to do with the reality of our times.   Everyone knows that men and women have their own strengths and are equally to each other.   The only place this is not true is in fundamental religions which are always dominated by ego-driven men.   The right for the man to be in charge is written by men not God.  All sacred text should be questioned because men did the writing.

The misuse of the name of God and the abuse caused by those who claim to do God’s work have made a huge mess of the world. These people by their actions clearly have no true knowledge of God and instead are clearly driven by their own ego’s agenda.  Let’s use the minds we have been given to sort out the reality from the faulty beliefs.  Let’s question those that spread their own agendas in the name of God because they are the source of so much unnecessary suffering.

God has been used for centuries to rationalize wars and other human atrocities, isn’t it time we call these people on their nonsense and help them wake up.  If we don’t, we allow them to continue to not take responsibility for their own actions by claiming some sort of twisted religious beliefs. 

One more point on this misuse of God.  So much has been manipulated and messed up because of greed, greed for power, greed for money in the name of God.  It is way past time for this all to come to an end.  If people are spreading BS it is time to call them on it.

Also please find your own way to whatever spiritual practices expand the peace, compassion, consciousness and harmony in you.