Be Inspired From Within

I have been more the social activist in my blog lately.  I am seeing increasingly that activism and consciousness are both needed in the world.  Yes we need to keep our minds in a good place but that does not mean being passive in what we do.  Action is important but it has to be positive action and done with compassion and clear intention.

Power to the people” is a favorite theme of mine but lately I have reservations about the many people who seem to spout the same old tired ideas of deregulation, government is bad, and a self-righteous belief in the craziness of their own thoughts (see Tea Party).  So I want to share a simple way we can be clearer in our thinking and freer from our limiting beliefs.  

Clarity of thoughts and freedom from limiting beliefs begin inside and the best practice I know for that is mindfulness.  Mindfulness is simply about paying attention to our own thoughts, our feelings, and our sensations.  The miracle of this practice is the amount of awareness and insight we gain by paying attention to our inner dialogue, our emotional ups and downs and what our bodies, hearts and intuition are trying to tell us about who we are and what is working for us and what is not.  Wow that was a long sentence here is a shorter version:  Mindfulness fills us with awareness about who we are and what is important to us.  The more conscious we become about what is going on inside of us, the more we are able to be active in the world with a clarity free of false beliefs that have held us back in the past.

Each of us has such vast potential that is waiting to be explored and expressed.  This potential is within us to express our unique purpose.  That purpose is more than making a living, more than getting through life; if we listen inward we can hear the deeper calling that we each have.  That calling is to move from the ordinary life towards the extraordinary expression of what is possible in us.  That expression is for the good of all, that expression is to make a difference in our own unique way, that expression is to leave the world a better place. 

Today is a good day to start exploring this great expression waiting in us.  Needed are creative solutions, innovative ideas and inspired leadership and each of us has a call to provide some piece to the puzzle, some special note to the song of well-being for all humanity.  It is time for us all to sing our note, to speak our knowing, to act with wisdom, to create for inspiration, to express our hearts, to live with passion and to be the greatest we can be. 

Settling for less of who we are means the world remains in chaos. If instead we go for more of what is possible then the world will be enlightened with consciousness, compassionate, peace and harmony.  Are you ready to turn your light on?