Individualism Is Our Best Hope

Individualism is something to be banished according to conservative religious groups.  Of course it is because individuals are dangerous because they think for themselves and tend to question beliefs and ideas.  Those that question seem very threatening to those that are filled with beliefs that they think everyone should share with them.  All religions are made up of belief systems that they feel are right and that all others are wrong.  Just that belief alone should make everyone question everything they say.

Individuals who seek to follow their own knowing, who keep exploring ways to be more aware and awake human beings, who pursue life according to their own higher values are essential to freedom and the growth of consciousness on the planet. 

The followers are much more dangerous to the survival of humanity.  Most fundamental religions would collapse if the people began to be individuals, if they began to question the dogmas and beliefs of their ministers and churches. 

Politics is another example of the danger of followers.  People in the Tea Party think of themselves as unique thinkers.  In reality their movement is financed by very wealth contributors who manipulate them into supporting the ideas that keep them wealthy.   There are no new positive solutions in this movement just the same old tired ones of blaming government and taxes for all their problems.  Of course the very wealthy want government to stay out of their way.  

One of the recent Tea Party winning candidates said that evolution was impossible and basically her religious story was the only truth.   That is pure belief blindness.  Who are the people voting for her, obviously they are angry and blinded by their own beliefs. 

One in Seven people in this nation are now in poverty.  Our system of government is working well for about 2% who are very wealth.  Followers have and will only make this situation worse. 

Individuals have the capacity to bring about real changes because they think outside the box.  Open and creative minds are the answer, not doing the same old ideas that got us into the mess we are in.

Individual people will never be led to believe nonsense because they have common sense.