Travels, Beauty, Healing And Other Realities

I have had an interesting morning so far.  On my OBE's (out-of body experiences) I traveled to Oregon and other places to bringing healing energy to those in need.  I flew like a bird over the ocean.  I awoke in the White House and consulted the president.  When I returned from my OBE I went out for a run and truck started as I ran by with no one in it.  I ran up into the mountains and had some amazing views.  Then a hawk circled above me.  My sister called as I got home and said she is having both breast removed due to cancer.  Now I am sitting here trying to make sense of this very odd mixture of reality and inner travels.

The OBE’s are fascinating and inspirational at so many levels.  The flying like a bird is so much fun and the consult with the president was interested as we talked about living by values in the midst of so many influences and ego agendas.  I felt compassion for his journey, which will help quiet my judging mind about the things he is not doing.  I realize as I write this that I probably sound pretty weird and that is ok.  If we are seen as weird because of who we are then others tend to give us a lot more leeway in our behavior. 

I don’t see myself as a presidential adviser on anything but if I had his ear I would have some ideas for his own peace of mind.  One of these days I will write a post about the consultation I would give him or any leader about mindfulness, consciousness and compassion.

The truck had to have some kind of remote starting capacity and the hawk was showing me how to catch the updrafts when I am soaring like a bird in my travels.  I live in a beautiful place and I know one thing for sure, the long uphills are hard and going down is so much easier.  Today on the trails and road my run took me almost an hour up and 20 minutes down.  I think I need to figure how to make these runs more down and less up.

Lastly my sister sounded strong and determined.  She has already consulted alternative practices to support her through this medical procedure.  She is one thing for sure, she is very strong-minded and this will help her do well.  I feel positive about her healing nicely.

Well I am heading off to see how the rest of the day will enhance my experience of life.  There is so much out beyond where we might consider reality and it resides just one step off the beaten path of our ordinary mind.