A Compassionate Presence Heals

There is a quality that is essential to all who want to help others heal, grow, gain insight and feel loved.  That quality is called having a compassionate presence.  If helping others matters to you then developing the ability to have a compassionate presence is essential.  A compassionate presence is being able to be with another in a way that is fully in the now.  To be fully present with an open heart and compassionate desire to understand is a true gift to another.  

Compassionate presence begins by being centered in oneself.  It means being in your own presence and feeling love towards yourself.  In this positive inner place is the optimal condition for being with others in a truly compassionate way.  This place of inner peace and loving connection with another person is what invites harmony and healing.  The vibrations you bring to your interactions affect the vibrations of those you are communicating with. 

Try an experiment: center yourself, feel at peace with who you are and then go be with others.  Focus on just listening and being there for others.  Notice how being is a positive state influences the way people feel when you are around them.  Notice how you feel.  If you doubt this idea, remember the last time you were some place and a really angry person showed up, could you feel that person?  Of course you could because their energy had influence that dominated the place.  The same is true for positive and uplifting energy.  When positive and peaceful people enter a room others feel them.

Why does a compassionate presence heal?  When you are in a positive, balanced, and relaxed state your body and mind are functioning in a harmonious and healthy way.  When your peaceful and comforting vibrations interact with another person he or she pick up on your uplifting energy.  This higher vibrational state reminds the other person’s body of what is possible.  The body in need of healing resonates with vibrations of healing from the body in balance. 

Whether you are a therapist, Reiki master, nurse, another type of healing practitioner, or great friend, you bring healing when you have a compassionate presence, when your vibrations lift up another.   If you show up with heart and are present healing naturally occurs. 

One other important quality that is sure to assist the healing process is the ability to listen with compassion.  Everyone needs to be heard.  As a therapist, I have listen to many hundreds of people and when I am present with a compassionate heart and listen with kindness healing takes place.   

The exciting news is anyone can help others heal if they care enough to have an open heart and a willingness to listen and be present. 

Let’s go out and spread healing in the world.  It seems humanity could use a big dose of healing.