The Time Is Now To Make A Difference

Today I had another blog post in mind until I watched the TED Talk highlighted by the Huffington Post this morning. Naomi Klein’s presentation is a must see it you care about the planet and humanity especially if you have children who are inheriting the Earth we leave behind.

Please watch the talk and then commit yourself to positive action. This is not about hoping someone else will look out for us because that is not happening. The time is now because we are going more and more off track and soon there will be nothing we can do about the damages we cause.  The myth of someone coming to the rescue before we go done the tube is false so it is up to you and I to decide to do something that will make a difference.

My commitment is to write everywhere I can about us all waking up to the truth that we must be engaged far beyond the ballot box because those leaders are not leading in the way we need them to. They have bought into the false belief that endless growth is the answer no matter what the cost. Our elected officials have their campaigns funded by those who want profit more than they care about humanity. The truth is we can’t count on them unless we lead them in the right direction.

When I saw the tars sands mess is in Alberta, Canada in this talk my body felt sick and I wanted to weep in sadness. What are we doing? This looks insane and it is killing the future for our children. What will it take for us to wake up and so something that matters?

Doing something is essential because it is about compassion for ourselves and for the generations to follow. I am older, I have no children but I care enough for my extended family and for all the children of the planet that I hear clearly in my heart that something has to be done now.  Please find a cause you can support or commit to actions that you can take today.  Tomorrow may be too late.