Let Yourself Be Uplifted By The Ideas Of Others

My last few days off have been very energizing and with lots of inner practice and a very interesting interview at Insights At The Edge over at Sounds True (go through ad to the right please) of Ann Marie Chiasson MD who is both doctor and energy healer.  She shares some mind-bending ideas that certainly enhanced what I thought was possible.  I have mentioned the Insights At The Edge on a number of occasions and I want to emphasize again this free podcast series which is so mind expanding.  If like me, you are interested in the further realization of your potential then take the time to listen to as many of the interviews as you can.  You will be amazed at how much more you can escape out of the box of your own mind toward a freedom of expression that will leave you in awe of what is possible. 

Here is a list of the interviews I highly recommend:

Ann Marie Chiasson

Tara Brach

Sally Kempton

Natalie Goldberg

Danny Dreyer

Mark Thornton

William Buhlman (OBE’s)

William Bengston

Thomas Moore

Shiva Rae

Stanislav Grof

David Ison

Peter Levine

Sandra Ingerman

Alex Theory

Bruce Lipton

David White

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Terry Tempest Williams

Sean Corn

Geneen Roth

Michael Beckwith

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Most of the rest of these interviews are also well worth your time.

Yesterday I recommended 10 of my favorite inspirational novels and today these interviews because they are all about being more fully alive; about arriving each day with lots of energy even as we get older; and because you and I are alike in that we know there is more waiting inside of us and around us that we can feel calling us to be more.  This “moreness” is not from a place of not enough but from a knowing inside of us that we are here in this life to be all that we can be because it is our purpose.  This personal expression of purpose can’t help but greatly enrich the world.