The Importance of Contemplation

So far my experiment with “there is nothing wrong/everything is right as it is” has been challenging and I think those in Japan would be hard pressed to see anything right and all things seem wrong for now.  In my life there are challenges also but I keep on coming back to the idea that my experience of living is totally shaped by how I think. 

Sometimes my thinking gets stuck in low energy thoughts like worry, fear or powerlessness.  Fortunately those brief bouts with negativity are easily changed by focusing my thoughts on what is working, what does feel good, and on the love and compassion in my heart.   It is natural for the ups and downs of emotions if we let our mind run freely about without any mindfulness.  We live in a world where entertainment is king and little time is spent tending to the workings of our own mind.

Contemplation is an important antidote for the over stimulated extra busy mind.  Spending time quietly contemplating our truths, our questions, our emotions, the callings of our heart, and the important messages of our intuitive nature is time well spent.  In contemplation we find: what is true for us, what matters most, and our unique purposeful expression.  If we know what is going on inside we can better deal with the complexities of the modern world. 

How often do you sit and contemplate your inner nature?

How often do you tune into the wisdom of your heart?

What gives you meaning in your life?

What do you know you need to do to feel fulfilled?

Who are you beyond your ego and personality?

What matters most to you today?

How can you better take care of those you love?

Are you taking car of your own needs?

In what ways do you hold yourself back?

How do you limit the expression of your heart?

There are so many questions to think about and explore which need quiet time and the stillness of your own company.  Contemplation is the peaceful way to change ourselves to the person we want to be; these personal changes have the power to be forces for global change. 

This film preview has me looking forward to the inspiration of this movie.