The Choices We Make Daily Shape Our Life

Are you aware of the choices you make?  Do you choose impulsively or mindfully?  It seems to me the choices you and I make clearly shape our life in numerous ways.   How do you make the important choices that will shape your life?

Each day there are choices to be made and oftentimes the simple choices have a major impact.  A basic question about our choices is do we make them from awareness or from habit.  If choices are habit driven you get results that can be stale and familiar.  If you choose from a place of awareness about yourself and the circumstance you find yourself in, then the choices will be informed and inspired by the moment. 

Here are a number of daily and important choices that will significantly shape your experience of life:

Will you eat healthy today?

Will you exercise during your day?

How will you deal with the stressors?

Will you be mindful of your thoughts or be run by mindlessness?

How will you be supportive of the relationships that matter?

What actions will empower your life today?

Will you follow the guidance of your intuition?

How will you manage your emotions?

What ways will you take care of yourself?

What tendencies do you need to lookout for in your behavior?

What new or difference ways of being do you need to explore?

When will you take time for contemplations?

How will you know what is right for you and what won’t work?

How will you wind down so you can get the rest and sleep you need?

When will you take time to visualize the results you want to make happen?

How will you express your creativity?

What makes you happy?

What opens your heart to compassion?

How will you learn to see past your blind spots?

Who in your life can you seek advice from when you need it?

 As you can see from answering these questions, simple choices can make a big difference.

It seems I have been having lots of list attacks or maybe my mind is more creative when brainstorming than when I try to fit my thoughts into structures?  Whatever the reason, the flow is going better and more spontaneously when the list maker is sitting here at my keyboard. 

The “nothing wrong” experiment is going well so far even though my mind seems to want to go after things that seem to need to change.  Maybe this critical mind is wired to see what can be change for the better of all?

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