How Can I Serve?

Recently this question has come into my awareness several times.  I feel change is itching at me and there are a number of ideas of where and what to do next but so far nothing is heart pumping clear. 

How can I serve?” is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves if we want to deepen our spiritual life.  Ram Dass used to ask his teacher what he should do when he returned to the US from his visits to India.  His teacher Maharaji-ji would always respond that he should serve people.  He would then ask how and his teacher would say feed them; take care of them. 

Is there a higher form of living then being of service to the people and the planet?  How are you of service to your fellow beings?  What inner messages are calling you to make a difference in people’s lives?  If you had totally freedom to help people in any way, how would you help them?

Serving others provides wonderful lessons: in being present, in humility, in patience, in mindfulness, in giving up control, and in loving and having compassion for others. 

Take a few minutes, hours, or days to explore how you would like to serve others.  Make a commitment to take action.  Then in the next week give of your time, your resources, your ideas, your energy in a meaningful way.  Sometimes the simplest is the best (feed people, help at a food bank, housing for the homeless projects, tutoring for adults, clean up a community etc).  If you are willing do this giving weekly you will get in the habit of service and your life will be enriched in more ways they you can imagine.

If you want to find ways to serve you can try this organization or find local volunteer opportunities. Here is an example of a program you can get involved in:

Food That’s In When
School is Out

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