Mayhem At Allstate

Have you have seen the Allstate Insurance ads on TV for the mayhem guy?  If you have you know this guy brings mayhem into people’s lives and Allstate Insurance is supposed to protect you from mayhem.  This is the perfect ad for an insurance company because it uses fear, which is really the only reason they can come up with to buy insurance.  Insurance is in the fear business and the more they can make you afraid the more insurance they can sell.

Medical insurance is supposed to protect you from the fear of injury and illness.  The sad thing is that insurance is not in the business of keeping you free from the scariness of poor health.  It is only in the business of making profits.  Making profits on the fear of injury and illness of people does not seem right but sadly they best way to make profits is not to pay for people’s injuries and illnesses. 

Maybe that is why doctors work for insurance companies (Why would a doctor work for an insurance company? Could it be because it pays better than being a doctor with incentives like bonuses for denying claims?)  The less these companies pay out, the more profits.  These profits mean more money for their doctors when they keep their customers from getting the coverage they need.  Could this be why the number one reason for bankruptcies in the US is debt created by illness and injuries?  Do insurance companies cause people to go broke?  If they profit from that is it is ok?

Could it be the mayhem is caused by the insurance companies because of their profit seeking, their fear tactics and their denial of claims?  

I know a person who works in the insurance industry and this person reports that the company keeps the benefits hidden so no one knows what the customers have the right to receive as far as funds for their claims.  This makes my friend have to deny claims or push the customer in varies directions where they know the customer will be denied.  The companies’ profits soar and those who work for them gets bonuses for playing along.  Again the health insurance industry is not about helping customers, it is about making profits. 

Any companies or industries (like insurance, weapons/defensive systems, pharmaceuticals etc.) that use fear in promoting their services have to because they exist only because they can make people afraid.  It is time we all look at our fears and end insurance for profits, end huge military spending, and end our belief that we need all the medications doctors say we need.  

What do you suggest?