Maybe All You Need To Do Is Spread Love And Light?

What if your purpose is as simple as opening to love and the light and spreading love and light wherever you go?  That is my focus at this point in my life and I wanted to know if you are interested in joining me?

Here’s the beginning plan that will obviously expand as more love and light informs what you and I are doing.  Each day set the intention to have an open heart and interact with the world from the place of love, compassion and kindness.  If you find yourself not open in the heart take a few minutes to realign with your heart and invite it to reopen.  This will take practice but if you only have 1% improvement each day, in 100 days you will be 100% better at it.

The light part is a little more complicated but well worth the effort.  Let’s equate light with consciousness.  The more conscious you and I are the more light we can spread out into the world.  The way to more consciousness is: to live as fully as possible in the now; to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings; and to be open to insights from within or from the universe.  Each time the light of insight, awareness, inspiration, and intuition goes on inside the wattage of your light increases.  Soon you will be a beacon that shines wherever you go and those around you will get to bask in that light.

All you and I have to do is keep on returning to the heart and make sure it is open and keep moving toward the light.  This is a barriers game where we are removing our own barriers so we can love and let the light in.  Just on the other side of these barriers is infinite and eternal love and light.  See you in the light.