It All Happens In This Moment

It was another beautiful day at the beach yesterday and did my best to enjoy it.  I had some guilty pleasure because a part of me thought I should be more productive.  These really nice days will soon transform into raining ones so I am enjoying it while I can.  Today and each day I am doing my best to be fully present.  That is easy to do if I am looking for agates on the beach.  However the mind can so easily get distracted by expectations, by hurry and worry, by getting too excited to settle down, or by whatever it is that comes up when I in the midst of doing what I do.  Being present is my goal and I am getting better at it but still have room to improve.

In the now all of life seems to sparkle   

By being present I mean: I am aware of myself and my connection to the world around me moment to moment; I am able to follow my breath; I am mindful in whatever I am doing; I am aware of my feelings; I am tuned into the senses, and I am fully present as I sit in silence or walk quietly. 

Right now as I write I hear the roar of the ocean.  I feel the pressure of my fingers on my keyboard.  I just felt my breath flow in and out. I hear my dog Pax moving around.  I had a thought about my wife returning from her workout.  I had a little jump inside because I thought the dishwasher was done and was appreciating the quiet and then it started another cycle.  I feel my contacts on my eyes and think it may be time to take them out.  I sense the pressure of my arms on my desk.  I thought about my wife’s concerns about a possible tsunami and want to now get caught up in fear but like the idea of being prepared.

In the now there is always lots going on.  People who say they are bored haven’t spent much time in the present moment.   So why is the now important?  It is important because there is no other time then now.  Now is where all the possibilities reside.  The future is just a thought. The past is a memory.  Neither exists in the present moment.  Everything that you and I want to make happen can only happen in the now.  Every hope can only be fulfilled in the now.  Love can only be expressed in the now.  Freedom only exists in the now.  Balance and harmony can only take place in the now.  Peace of mind can only exist in the moment.  Consciousness can only expand in the now.  Happiness and joy only are possible in the moment.

“Be Here Now,” by Ram Dass is the title of one of my favorite books because as you read the “brown paper” section of this book it helps bring you into the moment.  If you agree with me that the now is the best place to hangout then you might me interested in learning to meditate, to be mindful, to do yoga, to do walking meditation, to learn tai chi or chi kung or other practice that invite you to live fully in the moment.  

A simple practice for living in the now is to pay attention to your breath as you go about your day.  You can notice when you breathe in and when you breathe out.  Noticing the breath can only happen in the now.  You may get so busy you forget about your breath but when you remember return to following the inhale and the exhale.  You will find this practice naturally helps bring you into and peaceful and harmonious place inside.