Five Ways Of Being A Light For The World

It has been 30 days since I have settled into my new home and I feel rested and inspired and ready to move into action, ready to be out in the world again.  The benefit of taking time to care for my own mental health is that it allows me to come back into my center.   Working with an open heart leaves me vulnerable to the trauma and suffering of the people I help even though I work extensively on running that energy out of me.  This challenging energy can knock a person off center.  However in my work, compassion is the key but compassion means being open in the heart for another in search of understanding.  I feel as if I have discharged most of the past heaviness and now feel the light of having an open heart. 

Today I want to write about how to open to the light within.  The source of the light within you and I is eternal and infinite and we can access it through insight and understanding.  I want to help expand your understanding and invite new insights in you.  First the understanding is about the realization that you are one with the Infinite Source of the universe.  Many people call this source God but I tend to avoid that term because so often this word God is used so falsely and out of some kind of need to feed the ego’s desire to be important.  A vital understanding is  that you are created in the likeness of the Source filled with the infinite light and potential of the Source.  You and I if we choose to can move into the light and express our potential in an endless number of ways. 

Here are 5 ways to make contact with your own light, open to insight, and begin to express what is possible with you:

The Source – you came into this life choosing to move toward the light even if you may not remember that decision to do so.  Now it is your purpose to fully live the light within you.  Your unique expression of that light is up to you.  Your task is to commit to connecting with Source in whatever way works for you.  Others have lots of ideas but you need to find your own way.  Silence is a very powerful doorway into your Infinite nature.

The Light – This light within you may feel like inspiration, love, energy, purposeful action, an intuitive knowing, creative expression, and other ways that make you feel more alive.  Living in the light means expressing yourself both as a being of light and as inspired by the light.  Find where light is made available to you in your life.  Look into the mirror and see that light in your eyes and remember your divine nature.

Love – Loving, having compassion, being kind, and caring are all parts of your divine nature.  When you express love in whatever ways you do, you are tapping into the Source.  You have within your heart and infinite supply of love.  Only you limit your expression of love.  You have the capacity to love everyone on the planet and still have more love to give. When your heart is open, you are living in the light and spreading light out into the world.  If you seem unsure what to do ask yourself this: “How can I express more love in my life?” 

Being – You are not here to do; you are here to be.  To “be” means to live in the moment fully present to who you are and what is possible.  Being is the only true way to live in the light.  Yes action is part of your expression but it is most powerful when you are centered in your beingness.  When you do things guided by memories of the past or fear of the future, you miss being in the now.  Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Be fully present and be open and light will be there.

Higher Self – You have two basic selves.  One self is run by the ego-mind and it is about survival and doing.  The other Self is one with the Source and it is about being.  The Higher Self could be called your soul or your spirit.  The Self can serve your divine expression as a compassionate witness to your life and as a guide to what is possible within you.  If you make contact with your Self throughout your day, you will always be guided to your fullest expression. 

There are many ways to be and express your light waiting for you to discover.   Life is an amazing experiment of moving toward the light, living in the light, and expressing the light.  Be a light to the world.