Novel Writing For Self-Realization

November is National Novel Writing Month. This is my third year participating in this adventure. The goal is to complete a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days. My two previous novels sit here on my computer. One day I will self-publish the first one.

The second novel was a story that was fun to write but very personal. I noticed it stayed with me after I finished it. Traces of the story seem to become part of a greater reality for me.

As I began plans for this novel I decided to approach it in a unique way. I would use it to influence my mind - especially my unconscious mind in ways to heal my past, to invite new possibilities of experiences, to encourage the expansion of my consciousness and to assist me in growing my abilities to be present, be aware and be more self-realized.

This idea has real potential and so far, I am experiencing the benefits of this approach. This story seems very closely connected to me in a way that feels like it’s shaping my experience of life as it progresses.

I have even found myself writing clearly about a new insight that I was not yet fully conscious of. My dreams are taking on components of the novel and guiding new directions. Almost like the story and I are expanding in as I write.

Writing encourages me to stretch my mind into a creative flow that might otherwise stay landlocked in stagnation. It allows me to walk the edge of new insights without falling on my face trying to explain what I know is truth, but not yet integrated.

I want to invite you to join me in this endeavor. Begin to write a new story for yourself. Start with outline, a list of ideas you want to grow into or any other guidelines you want to set up and just start writing.

Whatever it may be, I highly recommend that this is about you coming into a richer and more full realization of what is possible within you. Maybe this is about expressing your waiting greatness or entering into partnership with your soul; maybe about how you changed the world. There are as many possibilities as there are ideas in all the minds and hearts on the planet.

The Plan:

1.         Each day write a chapter. Do not worry about editing or revising for now. Set a goal and follow through. Chapters can be as long or short as you want them to be. This is not for anyone else to read but you.

2.         Keep writing no matter what. If you feel the energy is low, change directions. Low energy means you are trying to force it.  Let your inner muse guide you - not your will power. Sometimes the best thing to do is sit back, breathe and begin when a new idea comes knocking.

3.         Open the creative channel. This channel is locate in your heart more that your mind. Your intuition is a voice of the heart and your soul. There is no limit to creativity if you tune to that channel.

4.         Write about you or a character that is similar. Feel the character as it moves through your words. Play with it. Let it be brave, have fun, be bummed, get pissed, feel anxious - whatever comes up.

5.         Be in relationships with others. Do all of this as a witness to your own life. You will be amazed at what you learn about you. At the very least this will be the best exercise for expanding your self-awareness you will ever do.

6.         Have your character take on your personal issues. Have it make plans and feel results. Have it make mistakes and learn from them. Think Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day. Wherever you are stuck in life, have it sit there.

7.         Create situations you need to work through. It can be old jobs, past bosses or relationships, or even the kind of people you would like to be around. Finish the unfinished aspects of your life. It will make you feel much lighter.

8.         Create the life you want in your story. No more “I hate my life” or “I am a disappointment” or whatever stinky story lingers. Become a story of inspiration to yourself

9.         Write as a witness to your process. Follow your journey as a supportive and accepting observer. Eliminate self-judging and instead try accepting and appreciating yourself as you are.

10.        Now go have fun and play with this. Let yourself be totally free. It’s liberating to set yourself free. If your not smiling and enjoying this creation, maybe it is time to lighten up.

If you want a shared experience, I am planning to offering this in a group online kind of experience after the holidays. This is all in the early planning stages so I will share more soon.

Feedback Welcomed: Let me know what you think of this idea, I would appreciate your feedback and how you might see it benefiting your life.