The Inner Lightness Of Being

In this moment you can live in awe of the incredible peace, love, joy and freedom that is available to you. It is a simple choose, be present or not.

There is such wonderful peace when you are able to be fully present to yourself and the divine that powers your life force. In the worry and hurry world peace is left in the dust on the trail of the ego-mind. Peace is the still pond of mindfulness when you rise above the chatter of the ego-mind. Peace is the comfort with self when you are hanging out free of the judging mind, just being.

Love is the blossoming of the heart that can only take place in the here and now. The heart’s potential is silenced when the mind rushes off to past leftovers or grinds towards future’s always out of reach. Today, in this moment the heart is ready for love and compassion to pour forth into the world. Letting your love flow send shivers of aliveness across the globe.

Joy and excitement fill you when touching upon the richness of possibilities waiting to be expressed. In the land of seriousness and rationalizing greed, joy is smothered by an unquenchable thirst for more. Joy springs endlessly when you walk down the hallways of the now and dance to your own tune inviting the cosmos to join in. In a moment of kindness, joy fills your heart with the perfection of your gesture.

If freedom is you dream, then hitch a ride on the pony of the moment and ride to your heart’s content.  Freedom is too often traded in to sooth your fears but the fear remains because it lives in other than the moment.

Imagine freedom being you as fully as you every want to be and just enjoying your delight filled expression. Look around this day and see the restraints of thought can be left on the self-imposed cell floor and instead you can walk amongst the stars and claim your link to the infinite.

Now is whatever you want it to be, the rest is just a bunch of outdated programming and limiting mind-works.