Two Awesome Resources For Self-Healing and An Invitation

Lately I have been reading two books on healing because I know healing is an ongoing process for all of us. The past has left us all with baggage not usually by ill intentions but by under-realized minds and hearts. Sadly we spend too much time arguing for our limitations, fearing our own power and leaking essential life force from the wounds of past traumas and unfinished business.

These books are amazing resources. I came to both of them by listening to free podcasts at Sounds True. Intuitive Self-Healing by Marie Manuchehri, RN and Use Your Body To Heal Your Mind by Henry Grayson, Ph.D. are skilled professionals who found themselves seeking alternatives to the medical model of healing. Their insights, ideals and methods are what healing will be more like in the future.

I wanted to share these two books with you because like me, you too are in the midst of healing if you want to be a higher expression of who you are. It is time you and I move past our past and any self-imposed limits acquired along the way.

I am ready to welcome with open arms the light, love and power I am. How about you? It is truly the fear of our power not the fear of failure that has too many of us spinning in learned self-doubt and limiting old beliefs. “No more,” I say to you with boldness, “will my past anchor me to less than what I am capable of being.”

Are you with me on this?

OK, Stand Up and Do What You Need To Do To Be As Whole As Possible.

Then Bless Us All With The Light Of Your Expression.