One Remedy For Fear That Will Never Let You Down

Today I start a series of posts which offer simple solutions to many of  the issues we deal with - sometimes on a daily basis. I want to offer you useful and effective ideas/techniques that you can use starting immediately that will enhance the quality of your life.

Simple Solutions #1 - A Remedy For Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion that we all feel. Many deny they are afraid but we know better. Life offers us many unknown situations and fear is a natural reaction.

When you sense fear allow yourself to feel how it feels in your body. Feel the contraction and the closing down. Feel the energy of fear. 


Take Charge


Then focus on someone or something you love. Love is the opposite of fear. When you open to love, you expand beyond your fear. An open heart takes over the fear and quiets it. When fearful, focus on love instead.

Another short but powerful shift is to feel the fear (whatever it is) and do it any way. You feel the fear inside but you don’t allow it any power over you. When you stare fear in the face and walk over it, you build self-confidence.

One important caution here: fear sometimes can be an intuitive message to be careful when true danger exists. These sensed fears are to keep you safe.