Observations, Fresh Perspectives And Moments of Peace

After a weekend of deep conversations, moments of bright light and insight and a re-examination of ideas and beliefs, I feel renewed. I also feel very quiet and peaceful.

I am now back at home but life seems altered. I’m not sure how or what it all means but that is all right. I am living in the moment with appreciation for all that is as it is.

My seeing and understanding has expanded. That’s exciting.

I thought I must have some deeply profound things to share. However as I sat down to write this post my mind offered no suggestions.

How can I write out the vibrations of peace and joy that flow through me at this moment?

Ah Peace!  Ah Joy!  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         

Join me in these feelings in this moment simply by following your breath and suggestion that peace and joy arise in your being. 

After a walk on the beach with my dog, I came back to write again and still silence was the response. I felt a moment of oh no, but I quickly let that go. Ah Peace! Ah Joy!

One theme did come to mind later in the day. I was happy I now had an inspired idea to share with you.

Consider this: What if you’re not the creator of your life but more the receiver?

What if you do not make things happen? There is no such thing as willpower big enough to shift the universe. That is a false idea shared in The Secret and preached in new-thought gatherings -  turning spiritualism towards materialism. 

So if willpower can’t do it, how do you create the world you want?

First let’s examine the “you” that lives in wanting. That you is most often the voice of the ego, which is never satisfied and always in search of more. Sound familiar?

Maybe the task is not willing things but getting out of the way of much more powerful forces. Those forces would include the Universe or soul/spirit

The question then becomes how do you get out of the way of these universal and timeless sources of creation? How do you become the receiver instead of the creator? 

You do that by listening inward and acting from the truth that only arises in the now of silence.

The point is to let the greater wisdom run the show and live in harmony with that flow. You can still make things happen but now it is done by listening and following.

You don’t have to attempt to fill the emptiness of the ego’s wanting. Beyond that wanting is the magnificence of your higher nature and the Universe. No wanting there.

Now you become full because you are open.