Take A Walk On The Wild Side

It’s time to get up and move. Spring has sprung and your body is ready to re-engage with the natural world.

I love to walk. There are many reasons for that. Let me share with you why walking is so important. My hope is that you will join me and make walking part of your daily life.

There are many benefits from walking. Walking is not only good for the body but also super good for the mind, heart and spirit:

+ Walking encourages you to be in the present moment where the world is vibrating with energy and possibilities.

+ Walking brings your body into balance and harmony.

+ Walking is a way to feel connected to the world around you - especially the natural world.

+ Walking vigorously up a hill will pump up your heart.

+ Walking helps by releasing stress, negative energy and tension from your day.

+ Walking is the perfect simple exercise for health and well being. No special equipment is needed - just a place for you to walk.

+ Walking grounds you, gives you roots and a strong base. Having a strong bases makes it easier to withstand the storms of life.

+ Walking often alters your state of consciousness. As you walk you open to experience the unity of all life.

+ Walking is a wonderful form of meditation. It calms your mind and brings a sense of inner peace.

+ Walking can shift you from your ego sense of self to the expansiveness of your Higher Self.

+ Walking is a great way to move through fear towards courage and a deeper belief in yourself.

+ Walking is just what you need after a great meal and a full stomach.

+ Walking moves you out into the world. It keeps you from spending too much time alone in your own thoughts.

+ Walking helps you step more boldly and fully into life.

+ Walking mindfully expands your mind and opens your heart through the richness of awareness in the moment.

These are all really good reasons to go for a daily walk. If you do you will feel very positive about yourself and your life.

Next I want to teach you a special technique. You can use walking as a way to greatly expand your experience of what is possible within you. This technique is a method passed down from teacher to seeker.

It will only appeal to you if you have a passion to fully awaken. It is a direct path to more fully realize that you are, “The Divine poured into human form.”

The Practice:

Sense both of your feet. Which foot seems like the one you  can follow to awakening?

Don’t worry. Both work - but choose one.

Then imagine that this foot sends a deep root down into the Earth.

Feel the foot as if it plugs directly into the universal life force. Feel this flow of energy vibrating through your foot and up through your entire being.

Next stand up and begin walking while paying attention to this foot as it touches the ground. You can feel the other one also but it helps to focus on just one.

Walk through you house, down the street, through a park, library or office lobby until your foot feels like your lifeline to the world.

Each time you walk be as fully present as possible. This presence is the doorway to the realization of your highest nature.

As you walk in a state of awareness your pace will naturally slow because you leave the rat race and enter the expanded realm of unlimited possibilities.

The more you walk in this way, the more you will experience the radiant beauty of your soul.

Walk in peace and light.

Please feel free to ask any questions (through comments or emailing me at joseph@josephbernardphd.com) about walking and this special practice. I am here to invite the light in you to shine.

P.S. After a while you’ll get so tuned in to your link to the Infinite that you can just sense your foot and almost instantly move to a peaceful and expansive experience. You can sense your foot in a boring meeting, in a traffic jam, waiting in line or wherever and enter into the blissful place of pure awareness.