What Is Your Purpose In 2012

If you are wondering what your purpose is in 2012, I want to suggest two ultimate purposes we all share.

Those two purposes are:

1.  To have an open heart and spread as much love, compassion caring and kindness as you can in 2012.

2.  To have an open mind and become as conscious as you can and spread that light out into the world.

These two purposes will enhance you life and bring positive changes to you and the rest of the planet.

Can you imagine a world where the heart and higher consciousness guided us all?

What kind of world would it be where love and compassion shaped what we did and higher consciousness lifted everyone to be the positive possibilities they are?

  • I choose to be more open with my heart and to practice compassion and loving kindness in all that I do.
  • I choose to daily work on expanding my consciousness and spreading light out into the world.

Would you join me?