How To Be So Much More

Yesterday I was at a gallery and something connected about art and how it is a vehicle to deepen our experience of life and open our channel to our spirit.  There was a painting of a crow sitting on a window ledge and looking at the sun; it was titled at the Edge of Freedom. It seems crows are symbolic messengers for both my wife and I. For years the intuitive has come to us in a variety of forms with crows high the list. Inner messages call us to leave old stuck patterns and limiting beliefs behind and instead move into the wonder of the unexplored richness of life. This message came home with clarity looking at that painting.

As I read what I wrote above I see by my words that what I want to say is that there is so much we can become aware of and know if we allow the messages around us, the images, and the metaphors speak to us in the inner language of the intuitive.  Everything becomes more alive when we are open to see, hear, feel and sense the wisdom of the universe.

How do you make contact with the other world of knowing beyond your rational mind?

What kinds of messengers or metaphors are knocking on the doorway to your higher knowing inviting you to further awaken? 

Where do you have stuck patterns or places in you wanting to come into full expression?

What parts of you are touched by images or intuitions that keep showing up and begging you to pay attention?

Where do you keep pushing away what you know is right for you?

How do you diminish your own power by holding out against you’re your quiet wisdom?

None of this is meant to judge but to invite. You are unlimited potential in waiting; you are the grace of light longing to be expressed.