Blog Mystery School, Part Two

Last week I had a very positive responds to my first Blog Mystery School post. I shared a tool that I am confident has never been shared on the web.  I can say the same about the technique I will share today.  I was excited to see the numbers of people who checked out Part One and who made comments at the several additional sites where it was posted. I want to again state: these techniques are unique and only shared with the hope that you will explore them with an open mind and heart and see how they can benefit you. These tools and ideas come from a variety of wise teachers I have had over the years. Mystery School comes from the idea that there are powerful ideas and techniques that have remained a mystery because they have only been explored in small groups by dedicated explorers of the human potential and higher consciousness.  The Blog Mystery School is about giving you tools that can take you higher and help you become a positive and empowered force for a better world.  Use them wisely and for the good of all.

This Blog Mystery School’s tool number two has real power to transform your life if you fully explore its potential.
I am again sharing a tool to assist you to be more present. This tool is simple and easy to use, the challenge is to remember to do it in the speedy world we live in. The tool is called the Awareness Arc.

I want you to reach for something while you are reading this. Notice how reaching is something we do effortlessly and often unconsciously. Now I want you to again reach for something but this time instead of going straight at it you will put a slight arc in you reaching motion. That arc is for awareness, to assist you in being present. You can use it reaching for the door, your computer keys, your toothbrush, as you eat and in may other activities. The arc is subtle enough that others will never notice, but you will bring attention and a presence to whatever you are doing.

You can even explore the Awareness Arc while walking. Instead of going directly form point A to point B you can put a small arc into you walk, your run, your bike ride or other non-reaching activities. The goal is to be present to whatever you are doing. You can see how many times during a day you remember to use the arc? You can make a commitment to yourself that every door, car door, and cabinet door you reach for that day you will bring the arc of awareness to what you are doing. As a practice while eating you can turn the quick fuel and run, into a rest and enjoy experience.

This practice can be adapted to fit what would work for you. The important aspect of this is that you do things with awareness and the arc can bring awareness. The power of awareness and being present has been written about extensively in past blogs. With a committed exploration of this tool you will experience the power of it in your life.

This tool will only be useful to those that are dedicated students of a higher path. If self-realization and consciousness is your passion then this tool will become a helpful friend. Explore and let me know what you think and how it goes.