Positive Ideas to Offset Stinking Thinking.

I am in the writing mood for a list and I know what the topic is. I am writing this blog tonight because tomorrow I will be up at a power plant helping a crew of people deal with the death of 5 contract workers and the aftermath at their site. This onsite debriefing feels like it makes a difference for those grieving and hurting. I am grateful to be of service.

Today’s topic is about positive ideas to offset stinking thinking. So many people have doubts about themselves, feelings of not deserving, thoughts that in some way they are not enough, and even that there is something wrong with them for having wants and desire. These ideas and belief are plain nonsense and need to be replaced with thoughts that are supportive and encouraging. So today’s list is:

15 Ways to Be More Alive.

1. Breathe more deeply, simple fact is you mind and body will work better with more oxygen
2. Be present to what is going on in the moment. Let go of the past and live in the now, where everything is going on
3. Let your heart be open at all times. Tear down the walls that protect you heart. Love is so much more powerful than fear.
4. Be real and express your uniqueness. Be genuine. Live your life as if no one was watching. Stop trying to please so many people
5. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and everyone you meet. A truly nice person has many friends
6. Figure out your mission in life and don’t let anything stop you from living it fully and passionately. That would be a gift to the world
7. Be creative and explore your potential. There is in you vast untapped resources waiting for expression
8. Feel all you feel and let you emotions guide you. Your heart and your emotions are wonderful guides to being fully alive
9. Do fun things. Set as a goal to enjoy more of life everyday. Having fun and laughter are great healers to whatever ails you
10. Take time to relax and quiet your mind. This silent space is the source of your endless inner wisdom
11. Feel gratitude and appreciation for all that you have. An attitude of gratitude is a powerful magnet for creating more good in your life
12. Do practices that make your body feel more alive. Do Tai Chi, yoga, dance and other forms of exercise you enjoy
13. Give freely of your time, your resources, and your ideas. Give to those that need your help. Giving always comes back multiplied
14. Read, listen to, watch and do things that lift you up and inspire you. Keeping inspired is fun and expansive
15. Follow your bliss. Whatever makes you feel alive, energized and happy is worth doing.

I hope these ideas shook out the spider webs of your limited thinking, habit driven ways, and faulty beliefs. You shape your experience of the world. If it isn’t just how you want it to be then you are limiting yourself. Have some fun instead, think big, explore lots and live the best possible life.