Desires Are Positive, They Take Your Higher

I have been listening to a 4 CD set called Part 1, The Law of Attraction from the book Ask And It Is Given : Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Abraham/Hicks. The book was excellent when I read it last year. This CD series is also first-rate for getting your thinking and feelings aligned with what you want to create in your life. This series puts into question most of the programming and social conditioning you and I received growing up about desires and having what you want. Listening to these CDs is a great way to open your thinking and expand your feelings towards manifesting the life you desire.

Hearing these CD’s has more of an impact for me then reading the book. My learning through listening for this kind of material seems more powerful or maybe it is to hear these words from another voice then the one that rattles around in my head. I found myself getting excited about the possibilities as I listened to these inspirational and expansive ideas.

Source Energy is a concept these CDs talk about and what I found myself doing was exploring what source energy is and how do I interact with it. I was standing in my bedroom and saw myself watching the play of particles in the air as the sun illuminated them. I breathed in particles and exhaled and shared particle with the air around me. I then had a clear insight that this is the same as what happens with source energy. I am and constantly interacting with this creative force. This interaction is influenced by how I think and feel about it.

If I think of wanting and feel excited the energy of attraction moves into action to make it happen. If I think of not wanting and feel lots of negative emotions the energy of attraction moves into action to make it happen. Wherever the mind focuses and there is an emotional charge, there is a response from source energy. If you are thinking and feeling you want something but most of your time is spent thinking and feeling about not having it, then which do you think manifests?

Now I want to suggest an experiment. First I want to give you the context from which this ideas in your head come from. As I have often mentioned in this blog we have all been thoroughly trained on self-limitation, on not deserving, of desire not being ok, and a bunch of other nonsense. This experiment will challenge a whole lot of old programming. It will take focus and determination. It will also take the full power of your mind and emotions. Are you ready to give it a try? I am.

The experiment: I want you to choose something that you want to come into your life. I suggest you keep it simple for this experiment. Maybe you want a new bike or puppy, or to meet a new friend, or to receive a new opportunity, or even some income from a unique source. Whatever it is, you are to take this desire and feel and think about it through the day. As you do that thinking and feeling imagine source energy as your partner. Give yourself a few days to explore this interactive partnership. Pay attention to what results you create because there will always be results. Keep your thoughts hopeful and your feelings welcoming and energized.

Let me know how this goes. I am doing the experiment also and will let you know what results I create. Please leave me a comment below or send me an email