The Stream Of Well Being

This title comes from the book and CD set Ask and It Is Given from Abraham/Hicks. I have been re-exploring the book after listening to the CDs. There is so much here to study and benefit from; I recommend picking up the book and/or CD set. I love the image of a stream of well-being. I am writing about it today to deepen the image of this stream into my own consciousness.  This stream is energy from the source and it is always flowing and available. You can step into the flow anytime you want to enjoy the benefits.

Stepping in the flow is as easy as aligning your thoughts and feelings with what you want in your life. If you want prosperity then you think about having all the financial resources you want and need and how that would feel. If you step into the stream of well-being and want more love in your life, then have loving thoughts and feel your heart open to more love.

I have this image of this beautiful stream of well-being flowing with all these multi-colored sparkling lights of energy. The energy of this stream is nurturing and healing. When I step into the stream I am surrounded by its soothing nature and feel at peace. I also feel full of life and all of me comes into balance and harmony. In the stream of well-being I move toward self-realization and unlimited possibilities. I can manifest the life I want because I am aligned with the highest and most powerful forces in the universe.

If having all you want and desire sounds too good to be true, then those thoughts will prove you right. If it sounds like something you are willing to try, then begin by dipping your toes into the stream and have a little dream of what you want. Keep your thoughts toward what you desire and feel the aliveness of this positive focus. If you are willing to jump fully into the stream of well-being, then your life will expand in all the ways you can dream big. How about lots of money, health, love and success?

Let me know what you discover about the stream of well-being; how it looks and feels, and how it works for you.