Who Speaks For The Earth?

I remember Carl Sagan the famous Astronomer in one of his books posed a very important question. He asked, “Who speaks for the Earth?” Today is a Blog Action Day and bloggers all round the planet are writing about the environment. Together we are speaking for the Earth. I am happy to be part of this day for I feel this planet we live on is worth taking care of and we all have a part play.

I also want to acknowledge the huge contribution Al Gore has made speaking for the Earth and to also acknowledge the many other organizations focused on care for the Earth. He is doing such a great job that he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. Taking care of the planet is all about peace. This tiny little stop in the Galaxy would be in peace is if we all took care of the planet and each other. Those darn big egos have made power and control more important then compassion and caring. Now it is time to rise up as human beings and be our greater gifts of wisdom and love.

The wise and loving thing to do about our planet is to take care of it. Planetary care is doing what you can to keep the air and water clean and to not create more trash. Planetary care means becoming educated and taking action about your carbon footprint, recycling, about buying local, about mass transit, and about speaking up for alternative energy sources. The dominance of oil needs to be replaced by smart alternatives, which we have the power and innovation to make happen.

I would like you to think of the Earth as your home, it is by the way. If you take care of your home, it will provide you the shelter and comfort you and your family need. If you and I take care of the planet then it will provide what we need also.

Care for the environment is not a political issue; it is a life issue. All life is concerned about the Earth and its well-being. There is much information out there that the Earth is having to make adjustments to the impact we are having on it. Those that deny that seem to have another agenda then planetary health.

Today and every day is a day to speak up for the Earth. If each of us does our part then our planet will be a good home for all the generations that follow. I invite you to be the change you want to see on the planet.