The Transformation Gene: Desire

I spent the last couple of days including this morning helping a company and it’s employees work through a reduction in force. They are a company here in Colorado whose main office is in Switzerland. There are lots of mental and emotional components of a layoff like this and I was providing training, consultation and support for management and employees. I appreciate the opportunity to be of service to companies, organizations and individuals in transition because I understand the issues and challenges.

Today I want to write about the flow of life and how we can impact it for our benefit.  So these people whose jobs are going away have to feel some fear because it is natural to be concerned about an unknown further. The interesting thing is that as long as people think their company is the source of their supply then fear is going to come up when companies goes through changes.

I would like to share another perspective with the hopes that you think about this in another way.

The place you work is not the source of your supply. The true source of supply is you and the universe. This sounds pretty abstract but let me explain. There is this incredible universe in which you live. All that you see around you is part of the creation of the universe. If you are surrounded with an abundance of stuff and love and all else important then you have a receptive attitude to all the universe has to offer. If you find yourself without often then you have resistance to what the universe has to offer. Resistance is not bad or good, it is simply not allowing.

You have desires right? Well take those desires and bring your thoughts and feeling into focus about having what you want. Align your inner focus with the flow of the universe by having an energized expectation for a positive result. Then be fully receptive to receiving what you desire. The law of the universe says all clear desires becomes attractive forces that must manifest. What you ask for with clarity and focus must come into being. Try it, play with the idea and see what results you get?

Life is just a big huge playground that is full of props and experiences to whet our desires, encourage us to create and then to evolve. Each desire becomes a focus, which then can manifest and you become more conscious in the process. With more consciousness you then have new desires, new focus and new manifestations. With the realization of each desire your grow into more of who you are here to be. This is desire based transformation and it is powerful and what makes the most sense to me. I have had to ignore the teachings of Sister Mary Limited Belief and the Monks who preach the sins of desire and determine my own way of figuring out the universe. Fortunately there are lots of people out there who think and feel from a more expanded point of view.

I hope you find your own way soon and leave the limits of the past behind.